Airtime Advance Services: FAQs

Q: What is Airtime Advance Service?

A: It’s a service that allows a customer to get airtime now and pay later

Q: How can I access the service?

A: By dialling e.g. *500# for getting the highest amount qualified for OR via a short-cut: e.g. *500* #.
The available amounts are USD 0.5, USD1, USD2, USD5, USD10

Q: Am I charged for the service?

A: Optional. A Service Charge fixed or percentage can be levied on the advanced Airtime.
Alternatively, no service charge is levied

Q: How will advanced amount be refund?

A: The advance is recovered the next time the customer recharges/tops up. The recovery could be partial or full.

Q: Will the customer be notified when funds have been deducted to repay there advance?

A: Yes. We will send an SMS to the customer, detailing the amount recovered from her/him and advance balance (if any)

Q: Who is eligible for this offer?

A: Complex algorithms determine who meets our behavoural criteria