Airtime Advance Service – Get Airtime Anytime

  • The most convenient and effective way to deliver airtime to your subscribers – stay connected always
  • An airtime advance service that allows a customer to get airtime anytime
  • The advance is recovered the next time the customer recharges/tops up
  • Airvantage bears the risk and prepays the airtime
  • Financially focused, risk management experience, and deep funding lines
  • Technology successfully integrated and operational

Prepaid Airtime Advance drives consumption, as subscribers can now use services when they need it the most. A customer’s “call opportunity” is often lost due to the inability of customer to purchase airtime.

Prepaid Airtime Advance allows a customer to acquire airtime when it is needed and reduces the lost “call opportunity”. This in turn increases the customer’s ARPU and affinity to the network.

From our experience a large number of Prepaid Airtime Advance lending transactions occur in the early morning or late evening which provides a clear indication of a customer’s needs to lend airtime to generate a call when it is not easily accessible to purchase.

Airtime advance is the most convenient and effective way to distribute airtime and always stay connected.

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