How Mobile Marketing Works

1. Subscribers request an airtime advance via SMS short code or USSD

2. The notification sent back can be one of the following:

Airvantage will provide:

  • Campaign management
  • Reporting
  • Delivery reports


User requests an airtime advance via the SMS shortcode and receives the following confirmation containing the marketing information:



Behind the SMS Service

Cell Number is captured on first message and audience record is created for the user in a central opt-in database.

The reply message has a shortened URL link which allows the brand name to stand out, and provides independent click tracking for the campaign.

Multiple keywords can be used to track different creative implementations on different media channels for comparative performance analysis.


MMS Samples

Mobisite Sample

MMS notifications can be a 5 slide MMS format that includes marketing slides…


An animated MMS including sound Click through to a mobisite page could include surveys, competitions or to update personal information

Airvantage MMS Notification Marketing


Interactive Text Menus

USSD works on all phones including entry level handsets.

It provides an interactive alternative for people who do not have access to mobile internet.

A “lite” version of the content and functionality offered on the mobi site, can also be provided via USSD application.



Mobile Advertising

Cell Number is captured on first message and audience record is created for the user in a central opt-in database.

Every session on USSD is logged and tracked, similar to sessions on a web site or mobi site.

We capture the user’s cell number from the moment the service is accessed, and if the session is interrupted, the user can dial the service again and continue from where they left off.

USSD screens are limited to no more than 160 characters, the same as an SMS message.

“Lite” means that the content and mechanics are reduced to the essentials in line with the objectives of the campaign.

USSD does not provide for a rich user experience, but it does provide for an interactive one – and everyone can participate through this mechanic.

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