Airvantage is the premium Fintech provider of mobile financial and Value-Added Services for Mobile Network Operators across numerous emerging markets and across multiple continents.

Airvantage is a leading innovator of value added services across numerous emerging markets and across multiple continents. Our team is dedicated to developing and delivering the most innovative solutions that grow & monetize our clients’ businesses. We provide a wide range of offerings, from Digital and Mobile Financial Services to Advertising, Content and Marketing solutions, all through Big Data and cutting edge proprietary Analytics tools.

Our systems process over 100 million transactions monthly and have exceeded $1 Billion. Airvantage has a presence in more than 15 countries and a continues its expansion to new markets globally.

Our mission is to innovate ways for Mobile Operators to monetize untapped opportunities, increase their revenues and provide better services that help retain loyal customers, by providing end-to-end solutions that radically change the way people and businesses interact in emerging markets where the majority of the population remains unbanked.

Airvantage offers its network partners fully managed and capitalised solutions with zero cost or downside risk.

Our team are specialists with many years’ experience in micro-lending, consumer finance big data analytics and cellular operations.

SOURCE: AlphaCode Club